What Is Justdial Data Extractor and How It Works?


The Evolution of Internet and advent growth of digital marketing change the whole game of marketing. To generate B2B & B2C leads people to start to use data extraction solution. With the help of this data extraction solution, Marketers can send the targeted SMS and Whatsapp messages to their list of targeted customers. In India people uses the website like Justdial to get data they want. In order to get data from Justdial, people use Justdial Data Extractor.
There is lots of Data Extractor out there on the internet but not every extractor works fine. If you are looking for the B2B & B2C data particularly from India, You need to check some of the local data extractors. Instead of catching up with agencies to extract data you can do it on your own. All you need is get access to this of best data extractor.
After spending the quality amount of time on researching about the data extractor and how Data extractor works, we decide to create a post on Justdial data extractor review.
Justdial Data Extractor is the best software to extract data from the India’s largest local search engine, Justdial. This software works pretty well.

just dial data extractor
Working of Justdial Data Extractor
The Working of Justdial data Extractor is very simple. All you have to do is prepare the list of city and the business category that you need data about. Once you prepare the list to import it to the extractor and allow the extractor to do the work for you. The extractor automatically searches for the data of giving one city and the business category from Justdial. Once you get the output on data upload the extracted data using Justdial data scraper. After the extraction remove inactive Whatsapp numbers from the list and start to send your business details along with text, video audio, and images. This software can help you to target Business owners, marketers and sales person. And with the help of a Whatsapp marketing solutions, you can take your business to B2B or B2C next level in India. It is highly recommended to use this software. You can download the free demo of this software from justdialextractor.com.
Customers thought about the software
There Internet there is a lot of misconceptions about this software. It was created by the other software owners to make their software popular. When we research about this software we found a lot of Justdial data extractor feedback from the customers.
Mohit Mehta of Olive Serviced Apartments says that: “He has been using Justdial data extractor for last two months. The software helps him to get a number of leads to his business. With the help of this software, they have been reaching 1000s of clients using SMS, Tele, and Email marketing”.
Alwin Abraham, Owner of Web 2.0 Software Solutions Pvt Ltd says that “Justdial help him to extract data to get leads and for selling his products. This software is the reason behind his success because it helps him to get targeted leads from Justdial. He also recommends the business owner to use this software to get leads.