Which Is Better Adsense or Affiliate ?


If you are blogger or have any platform where you can publish your content than there is always one question in your mind which is better adsense or Affiliate. Personally i liked affiliate marketing more than that of google adsense, well if I say in term of payment than in my case the payment of affiliate is more  but affiliate is a process which required more patience and also you have to be a keen knowledge of the product on which you want to get a commission.

Lets starts by taking some good points about adsense

  • Google Adsense is basically best for content base website. Websites which more focus on information rather than that of  promotion of any kind of products. so if you start any informative blog or website than in adsense vs affiliate battle  so will choose adsense here.
  • You don’t need to be a pro, yes for make money from google adsense you don’t have to be a expert on any thing. you just have to provide daily base information or latest news.
  • Every click count counts , yes every one is already aware of this point so i don’t waste any more of yours valuable time in explaining that point.

Moving Forwards let’s take some Demerits of adsense

If you are thinking i am going to be a little off topic as you wanted to know which is better adsense of affiliate than for answering the better one this facts are vary important to know the concept more precisely so lets elobrate the demerits of google adsense -:

  • First of all the major point is people who visits your websites irritate with it and even in most cases they leave the website immediately without reading your valuable content and also the trust ship factor that you want to make is fading like a rainbow so you can lost your valuable audience with it.
  • Most of the people use google adsense wrongly and for that there is rumor of google new update that will really effect you website ranking and if you website ranking is lost than the potential to reach the maximum customer also gone for you.

Lets begin some good points about affiliate

  • Affiliate marketing help you to grow your business more as more merchant you work with more audience you can build.
  • If you are expert in any product just become the affiliate of that stuffs and express your valuable knowledge with your targeted audience the more sale you generate the more chances that your payout will increase.
  • Payment will increase with more sales as in affiliate more you sale more chances are there that you commission is increase as commission is varies on affiliate to affiliate but in google adsense it will same of the same locations.

SOME Demerits about affiliate

  • You have to be a expert on the product so that people will really impress with your reviews and move to buy.
  • You need lots of efforts and patience as you can’t get the payouts instantly so you have to spend lots of time.

well i start my career as an affiliate marketer so as i already said if you ask me personally “which is better adsense or affiliate” , I will go with affiliate but that does not mean adsense are not providing that much payout. In youtube platform adsense is way better than that of affiliate.

If you really want the best answer than i will suggest you to go with both google adsense and affiliate marketing. for that you can make the content in which you are expert and also use google ads on that pages.

Thanks for reading i hope you will get the answer of the question that which is better adsense or affiliate.