Pick one of 5 top tours for single travelers in USA this vacation


Some of the best trips we make in life are solo. Traveling unhindered and exploring new destinations at will is one of the most liberating things in the world. Did you know that some of the best tours for single travelers are found in the USA? There are scores of places in the US that solo travelers will love exploring. If solo traveling is your thing then exploring some of these incredible destinations for singles in the US is an absolute must-do.

US Tours for solo travelers and singles:

There are scores of tours in the US you can go on. In fact, there are several solo travel tours for seniors as well. Following is a list of tours for single travelers in USA that are most popular and can be enjoyed by anyone. Pick a tour of USA tailor-made to suit your needs and enjoy exploring magnificent attractions on your own. Book last minute flights if you have to and come have your best single travel experience yet!

  1. Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion Multisport Tour

One of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world, Grand Canyon is a nature lover’s paradise. This is the best US tour you can take that combines scenic surroundings with physical activity. The tour can be exhausting as it includes hiking and mountain biking so ensure that you in good physical condition. You’ll enjoy camping and exploring the rivers and rims along the canyon while taking in its picturesque beauty. Some of the popular spots you’ll be able to enjoy exploring include Zion National Park and Angel’s Landing among others. Don’t forget to take your camera along to capture some amazing shots of the stunning natural beauty you will see. Sunrise and sunset happen to be the best time to click away.

  1. Big Sky, Montana Tour

Also among the best tours for single travelers to take in the US, this one offers a considerable amount of physical workout as well in terms of exploration. Be prepared to trek your way across stunning trails in the Yellowstone Park and go water rafting in the mesmerizing Madison River. You also have the option to go horseback riding or mountain hiking as well if that sort of activity interests you. Additionally, certain bonus activities you can enjoy include golfing, mountain biking, and fishing among others. Enjoy an entire week of these thrilling activities and gorge on delicious food while lodging in comfortable accommodations.

  1. Durango, Colorado Dude Ranch Tour

This US tour is among the best vacation packages for single travelers who wish to experience ranch life firsthand. If you’re an inexperienced rider, you will be provided any assistance you may require by the friendly locals in charge of this awesome family-run ranch. There are about 70 horses in the ranch and you will get help in finding one that matches with your riding abilities. Apart from horse riding in the wilderness around the ranch, you can work with the cattle as well. Other activities you can enjoy include fishing, a swim in the heated pool, hiking, relaxing in the hot tub, and enjoying a campfire among several other things.

  1. Rogue River Rafting Tour

If you love water sports, then you simply must invest in some flights, even if business class, and come take this exciting US tour! This is one of the best tours for single travelers that love all sorts of water sports. The tour offers you the chance to enjoy fun outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking, and exploring spectacular waterfalls among other things. The best way to kick start this Oregon adventure is by rafting on the remarkable Rogue River. Journey through the sparkling white waters of the river as it takes you along scenic trails and ones that hold incredible history. Pass through the famous Siskiyou Mountains on your inflatable kayaks as you surge your way through challenging river rapids.

  1. New York, Chicago and Miami City Tour

This is among the topmost tours for single travelers to take in the US as it covers some of the most popular and top US Cities. The tour begins in the Big Apple city New York and ends in the ever-popular Miami. You’ll have the chance to explore some of the most famous tourist attractions the US has to offer. Manhattan is a treat to stroll in as is a tour of the iconic Times Square. One of the must-do things is to head to the Brooklyn Bridge as it offers some of the most magnificent panoramic views of the city skyline. Chicago’s Navy Pier is an attraction you simply cannot miss. Taking a walk along its boardwalk will be an unforgettable experience. Finally, one cannot say enough about the exciting nightlife in Miami.Go club and bar-hopping, let your hair down, and party hard till the sun comes up! You should book cheap flights with Indian Eagle for a trip to the US if only to experience the wild and exciting nightlife in Miami!