NEET Preparation Tips 2018, How to Prepare for NEET


Best NEET Preparation Tips – is the most famous search word for the medical aspirants, who wants to crack their NEET 2018 in the first attempt with the good marks.

Everyone is wondering about the best tips and strategies for NEET, which would help them for faster and better preparation for NEET-UG.

We have already seen so many questions in Quora like “how can I prepare for NEET 2018 in 1 month”, what is the best NEET strategies to crack NEET in 1 month, well the question line remain same but months keep on changing.

The nervousness and pressure is clearly seen from the questions that NEET aspirant asked, so to help them here are some of the best NEET preparation tips & strategies that would help in cracking NEET 2018.

NEET Preparation Tips

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Firstly you need to adopting the ability to say “i will do it from now” not from tomorrow. It’s better if you rely on today only.

In most of the cases, student motivate them self only for short period of time and after that short period, they again comes back on the previous version of their self, in which they slow down their preparation, skip the time table and take some lame excuses like i will study after this event or that special day, So, firstly don’t be like that.

Just come out from your comfort zone and makes “NEET Preparation”  the most important thing in your life

  • Work on your basics concept:

Make you basics clear is the first and most important tip for NEET preparation, without it you can understand any concept properly. NEET includes tricky questions as well and for solving that, concept clearance is very necessary.

Study from NCERT for that purpose.

  • Make a good time table for NEET Preparation:

Creating a realistic timetable is very helpful. If you want better preparation that will help you to prepare faster as well as better than following the fixed time table will helps you to stay all your focused on NEET preparation.

So, follow the time table daily on priority.

  • Make a Strategy for NEET Preparation

The secret of cracking NEET lies in the routine and standard tips. Making a good strategy includes the best way to score more, so prepare important chapters first.

Make your strategy to crack NEET accordingly.

  • Do smart and consistent practice:

Nothing will help you more than smart and consistent practice. Consistency is the key to improvement, you can’t get the good results if you study for one day and take rest on another, you have make the fixed timing for NEET preparation on each day and practice regularly.

If you are facing some issues related to timing then you can take the online test series, from which you can prepare from any suitable place at any preferable time.

Don’t forget to take breaks after each session because without a break it is quite impossible to carry on, so always take small break after each study session.

  • Know about weaker areas:

If you don’t know at which area, you have to focus then you preparing for NEET will be difficult, finding out weaker areas is most important, it let you understand at what part you have to work first.

Well, NEET preparation is not a child play other than hard work and determination, it also need analyzing skills to know about the pattern of your study.

  • Practicing the NEET Mock Test:

Mock test is the scoring element for NEET, now days it is saying among the student that NEET preparation will be incomplete without solving the NEET mock test.

Solving NEET mock test provide you the real time experience of solving the NEET exam and help you to know about your estimate NEET score.

You can also check your weaker and stronger areas in NEET online mock tests performance evaluation and the best part is you can improve your time management & test taking skills by solving the mock test, which is very crucial for NEET –UG preparation.

  • Make Hand Made Notes

 Make your own hand made notes do not copy the stuff from your book, you have to write it in your own language. It increases your understanding and also help in quickly revision.

These are the some helpful tips for NEET preparation, but to follow that tips you have to motivate yourself time to time and also be healthy and take care of yourself. If you use too much social media so do it in limited manner other it will become biggest hindrance in the NEET preparation.

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