The Most Effective Bullying Prevention Strategies


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In every social setting that is comprised of rational thinking subjects, there exists an abstract power structure within which a few individuals are seen to exhibit a conscious drive for attaining some semblance of a perceived superiority over their fellow beings. This desire to come out on top as a dominant figure (or group) can be practicably realized both legally and extra-judicially; with the latter route most commonly taken by bullies to achieve their unjust ends. Through a Xfinity Double Play Deals connection, you can access many informative resources on the Internet that vent on this topic with excruciating detail.

Contextualizing Bullying as a Social Phenomenon

Analyzed from whichever lens that takes the scrutinizing researcher’s fancy, the act of bullying always amounts to a usurpation of someone else’s innate rights, which are afforded equitably to every individual by both the social and legal norms of a spatial/temporal community. When taken to the extreme, and without being addressed in a proper manner, an unrelenting bully can even succeed in causing his/her victim to commit willful suicide.

The recent Netflix hit ’13 Reasons Why’ illustrates this issue quite vividly and painfully, in which the show’s protagonist Hannah Baker is forced to take her own life due to the continuing mistreatment she faces at the hands of her vicious high school peers.

Fortunately, many modern societies (in particular those which come under the aegis of the developed world) have sought to enforce stringent anti-bullying legislative measures over the last few decades; in an attempt to curb its rising influence within their communities. The Internet has so far constituted the most recent (and as per some estimations, the most novel & efficient) avenue that allows all manner of cyberbullies to locate and target their victims through such mediums as social media.

The Need for Implementing Personalized Anti-Bullying Stratagems

Although such online utilities generally come equipped with account-blocking capabilities (which enable bullying affectees to fully impede their harassers from contacting them further), the initial damaging exchanges that have taken place earlier always manage to leave their mark on the sufferer’s psyche. Moreover, this virulent impact can have far-reaching consequences on the victim’s psychological & emotional health, which thereafter require timely counselling interventions to be successfully managed (and prevented from causing a further deterioration in their subject’s quality-of-life metrics).

Despite all these precautions and remedial procedures, there exists a need for individuals (who for some reason or another always seem to attract bullying agents into their psychological proximity) to implement a number of multi-faced stratagems within their lives to become more resilient to their attackers’ advances.

These ‘life tips’, as they have been listed here, demand a level of holistic execution to render any noticeable effects for the benefit of bullying victims.

  1. Taking Comfort in One’s Justified Stance

A bullying victim is always deeply aware of the fact that he/she is on morally high ground, and that it is the harasser (and all those who support him/her) who has a deeply-rooted psychological problem to begin with. Starting from this basic principle, which may be thought of as ‘believing in one’s own rightful conviction on the matter’, can further lead to analyzing the situation more rationally.

For bullying affectees, it becomes a critical emotional undertaking to not indulge in the vicious cycle of self-blame; as this grueling way of thinking only ever leads to reaching more drastic and tragic conclusions (which may not even be true, when considered fully).

  1. Researching into the Bully’s Motivations

Sometimes, it helps the victim to make sense of the raison d’être behind a bully’s choice to actively pursue the harassment endeavor. In most cases, such research unearths the troubled home and/or past lives of these serial instigators; a discovery that prompts the victim to see his/her aggressor in a new (and possibly sympathetic) light.

When this stream of reasoning is developed further, it leads to realizations that can help the victim-sufferers of bullying in devising a number of psychological defenses that impede the harasser from getting under their skin in the event of further assaults on their persons.

  1. Working on Physical Self Improvement

One of the best things that any victim of bullying can do, particularly on the short-term basis, is to look after his/her physical state of health. Oftentimes, an imposing physical demeanor instills a measured level of deterrence in the mind of the aggressor, who is subsequently forced to calculate the risks of retaliation (that can prove damaging to his/her own person).

Working out in the gym to enhance aggregate muscle-mass, taking part in competitive sports to build a relatively stronger (and more battle-resistant) mindset, and practicing focused-meditation and ‘centering’ techniques to lay a grip on those volatile emotions all constitute highly-effective ways for bullying sufferers to get back on their own two feet – and put their proverbial ‘game face’ on.

On Not Being Afraid to be Adequately Expressive

It is often the case that victims of bullying carry around a potent psychological stigma around their persons, which pressurizes them to not talk about their emotionally-charged predicament.

As many experts on the subject attest, one of the best methods of countering bullying is to talk about it with the right people, and at the opportune time (when exposing a harasser in the commission of the egregious act can result in inflicting the most damage to his/her public profile).

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