9 Killer Ways to Market Your Tech Startup


9 Killer Ways to Market Your Tech Startup

A great product is half the work, Advertising is the other half. If you want to get people’s attention and get a good reputation, you need a solid marketing strategy to get the word out.

Most likely, it will compete against established competitors of established competitors in your industry or other startups. This means that cutting out the noise will be a challenge.

The good news is that proper marketing can help you search your target audience, whether it’s B2B or B2C, and whether you’re offering a product or service. With a little effort and the right toolkit, you can grab users’ attention, present them to your brand and turn a social network follower into a customer. Here are nine ways to do just that.

  1. Show advertising

Graphic advertising may seem like an old technology, but it’s still strong and is probably experiencing a renaissance thanks to increased programmatic advertising. Now it is easier than ever to reach the right people with a message that resonates. And if you’re not using display advertising for message remarketing, you’re losing potential revenue.

When you start with graphic advertising, it’s a good idea to try your ads on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn. Personalize your messages and images on any platform and run variants of the same ads to discover what works best.

  1. Paid search

Paid search differs from banner advertising because you can anticipate the intent of a search and respond accordingly. Information queries are generally cheaper and a good option if you want to generate leads by offering documents and webinars. Transaction queries tend to be more expensive, but are more likely to lead to direct conversion.

For best results, try the test notification for both types of intentions and place your ads on Google and Bing. Keep in mind that while graphic ads are better for increasing brand awareness, paid search tends to be more expensive. Therefore, you must ensure that it leads to a tangible value somewhere.

  1. Social organic

With the recent discussion about social payment and the fact that Facebook followers sometimes do not even see the updates unless they are paid to increase them, we forget that there is a lot to be said about organic social networks and the simple fact of attend a community

Organic social networks can take many forms, from the discussion of a fashionable hash tag to the publication of articles on LinkedIn and the empowerment of employees to act on behalf of their company. Join Facebook groups and answer questions about Quora. At the same time, look for discussions that are relevant to the solution you are offering and find a way to help you.

  1. On-page activity

Your website is a property over which you can exercise control, which means that it can influence everything from the order in which it is loaded to the signals it sends to users and search engines. The most effective sellers are those who know they never end and there is still something to optimize.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a key element of an entry marketing strategy, an online marketing style based on attracting customers to you by creating the quality content you really want to consume. The idea is that interrupting people with billboards and magazine ads will stop working and it is better to create the content they are actively looking for.

  1. Direct email

Email marketing may seem like old news, but that does not mean it is not powerful. In fact, building and maintaining an email list is crucial for any vendor, since it is another property that allows you to maintain total control. You can easily change your provider and even use your email marketing list as a basis for records in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

  1. Special events

Special events are great because they allow you to unite people for a common cause. The type of events you do depends on the specific characteristics of your technology startup and the areas you face, but one thing you should keep in mind is that you may be better off when you have problems organizing your own events to sponsor the event of other.

  1. Public relations campaign

Public relations can help all kinds of companies, but technology companies are particularly suited to public relations techniques because new technologies are a hot topic that people want to read about. Some startups can work with a professional public relations firm, which is usually the best option if you do not have internal experience, but there is still a lot to do if you just want the ball to advance. ,

  1. Marketing of Guerilla

Tech means taking risks and trying things that others have completely overlooked. Guerrilla marketing and social piracy also go beyond the box and look for new ways to get to know your company.


When it comes to marketing your technology startup, all you have to do is start with the basics. As long as you understand your target audience and show the buyer’s travel prospects, the sky’s the limit.

Remember, marketing is about building long-term relationships, not just a quick sale.


Author Bio:

Arif Zubayer is the Industry Marketing Manager at RegentSEO. He’s an expert in inbound marketing, content marketing, and lead generation. Arif Zubayer is a product manager at BookBub, working on Recommendations and related products.