Top Most Mysterious Places in the world


If you love mysterious places then this article is just for you. Our world are full of mysterious places and even scientists after lots of research can’t solved the secrets of many of these places till today, so here are the top most mysterious places in the world.

  1. Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National ParkOld_Faithful_Most-Mysterious-Places-on-Earth
  • Yellowstone National Park is known to have 300 active natural geyser of hot springs but old faithful geyser is most famous among them.
  • The eruption in old faithful geyser occurs every, 35 to 120 minutes and last for up to 1-5 minutes
  • The volcano in Yellowstone helped to create the natural hot geysers in Yellowstone National Park.
  • If you visit this place then you must love the mysterious natural geysers, which erupts the water up to 20 feet into the air
  1. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, IndiaMagnetic_Hill_Mysterious Place_in_world
  • Magnetic hill also known as gravity hill. If you are planning to visit ladakh and heading out to there, then you definitely feel wondered about the mysterious Magnetic Hills here, which tends to pull the vehicles.
  • It is 30 kilometer small stretch road from leh towards kargil.
  • If you want to see the mystery of this place then turned off the engine of your vehicle and let it stand in neutral, you will see it will slowly and steadily start to move up to a speed of 20 kilo meters per hour on its own.
  • The logic behind the mystery of magnetic hill is the “alignment of the road with the slope of the background makes illusion that cars are able to drift upwards”.
  1. Darvaza gas CraterDarvaza gas Crater_Top Mysterious Places

  • Gas crater also known as Gates to Hell. This place is situate in Derweze, Turkmenistan and also known as “Door to Hell”
  • It is basically a natural gas field collapsed into an underground cavern
  • It is burning since 1971 to till now.
  • The diameter of this creater is 69 metre and total area of 5.350 meter square
  • The Place is known as mysterious place in the world due to the fact that, “No one knows how many tons of gas has been burned for all those years in the crater”.
  1. Richat structure, Mauritania.Richat structure_Top_Mysterious_Place_in_world
  • Richat structure also known as eye of Sahara located in Mauritania, Out in Sahara Desert.
  • If you look this place from the above or sky, it looks like a blue eye staring out of ground.
  • Originally it is assumed that it is created by asteroid impact but it is an eroded rock formation spread in perfect circular format .
  • This palace is commonly used as a reference point by the astronauts from the space.
  1. Surstey, IcelandSurtsey_Island_Top Mysterious Places
  • The most mysterious thing about this place is, there no existence of this place before 1963
  • This island is form due to volcanic eruption which happens on November 1963, in which an underwater volcano emit explosion (approx. for 4 months) and lava flows and formed a shell due to which this island comes to existence.
  1. Blood Falls, Antarcticablood falls_To_mysterious_place
  • In the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica is a big glacier named Taylor. From that Taylor glacier a bright red color frozen waterfall is oozes out.
  • Mc Murdo dry valleys is one of the top mysterious places in the world because of many factors like it will resemble the surface of Mars and there is low humidity & lack of snow.
  • The color of this waterfall resemble with the blood color that’s why this place is also known as Blood falls, which is first discovered in 1911.
  • Initially it is confirmed that the mystery of blood like red color waterfall is due to red algae but later team of researcher from Ohio proved that is due to iron oxide.
  1. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic OceanBermuda_Triangle_Mysterious_Place_on_Earth

No list of World top mysterious places will complete without including the name of the Bermuda Triangle.

  • This place is also known as Devil’s Triangle. Well, it is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries.
  • It is triangular shape area in the North Atlantic Ocean and from Bermuda Island, Miami and Puerto Rico.
  • It is among the mysterious places in the world, where even the compass does not point towards the Magnetic North.
  • From last 100 years, at least 1000 lives and an average of 4 aircraft and 20 yachts go missing in every year.
  • The disappearances of aircraft and yachts are also ascribed due to the phenomena of UFO’s & alien or due the city of Atlantis which is lost under the imaginary triangle.
  1. Fly Geyser, United StatesFly Geyser_Mysterious_Place_Earth

  • It is hot water-geyser, the another name of Fly Geyser is Green Geyser, which is located on private land in Nevada (United States)
  • The water of the geyser reach up to height of 1.5 meter
  • In the hope of hot water for geothermal energy purposes, Fly Geyser comes to existence in the year of 1964 after a well was drilled, but, the water only reached an unsuitable temperature of 93 degrees Celsius.
  • This place is located on private land and could not be visited without permission from the owner.
  1. Ester Island, ChileEster Island_Top_Mysterious_Place
  • Easter Island is located at Valparaiso Region in Chile
  • Eastern Island is famous for its stone head statues known as Moai. The statue is disproportionately large head as compared to its body length that is why they are also known as “Easter Island Heads”.
  • It is southern Pacific Ocean, which is 2300 miles west of the coast of chille and 2500 miles southeast of Tahiti.
  • The mystery about this place is the question, who built these statutes and why and how did they get there?
  • A pictographic written language called Rongorongo is invented by islanders which has not yet been deciphered.
  1. Cano Cristales, ColombiaCano Cristales_Worl_Top_Mysterious_place
  • It is also known as River of five colors or liquid Rainbow, which is located in Colombia.
  • This isn’t just any ordinary river, it has been referred to as and “The Most Beautiful River in the World.
  • The mystery behind this place is for a short period of time between September to November, this river transforms into multicolor- reds, pinks, blues, greens and yellows.
  • The formation color are waste product of many algae

So, here are the top mysterious places in the world, If you know more mysterious places like this then just write it in the comment section or mail us at