Nexus 9 Review – A value Gadget – Choose the Best Android One


HTC is back with its Nexus series to compete with Samsung and Asus. The recently launched tablet by the company, HTC Nexus 9 has an affordable cost and delivers good features too. Though some compromises were made in making the tablet cost less, it still is a great model with many highlighted points. Google Nexus 9 is technically the first tab to run on Android Lollipop 5.0. It has a comfortable design and smooth functioning. There are some drawbacks, especially with the storage space.

Let us take a brief look at google nexus 9’s pros and cons, its features, and weaker aspects to conclude whether it is a good buy this year or not. Try ordering online with the latest Amazon offers on the Mobile phone today at best rates.

Design –

The Nexus 9 tablet has models having from 7 inches to 10-inch screen. Unlike its competing models, its aesthetics are subtle and it feels very comfortable. The model has a streamlined design and a strong durable built. It matches iPad Air 2’s design. It is lighter and weighs 425 grams. Its dimensions are 8.9 inches X 6.05 inches X 0.31 inches. The bezels around the screen are 0.8 inches thick.

This 8.9 inch tab has three colors you can choose from, gold, white and black. The device has a matte finish back, rounded corners and a soft grip. There is a metal frame around the body providing easy and firm grip. On the right side, it has the power button and volume controls. The buttons have been camouflaged beautifully giving the tablet a clean subtle design. The speakers blend seamlessly too and are placed on the front of the device. It is comfortable to hold in landscape mode too. When it comes to thickness, google nexus 9 is a medium between iPad Air 2 and Amazon Fire HDX 8.9. It stands out with its aesthetics and is a premium model for those looking for good looking devices.

Features –

It is the first model to have Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. This gives the tablet interactive notifications on lock screen, recent applications and a quick settings’ menu. You can see notifications on your lock screen and they can be clear them conveniently without actually unlocking the tablet. You have the privilege to control the apps whose notifications will be displayed.

There is a quick pull-down setting menu. Also, with notifications on the lock screen, you get useful shortcuts, like brightness, WiFi, and flashlight with a swipe gesture on the lock screen. There is an android navigation bar on the bottom and shows the overview menu. The model lacks the close option when you are seeing recent apps. Google provides a keyboard case with it too. It has NFC and printing capabilities.

Google Nexus 9 has 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard and Bluetooth 4.1. It had no micro SD card and storage cannot be expanded. Cloud services by Google are meant to be utilized for better storage. Two variants of the model are available in the market, one with 16 GB storage and the other one with 32 GB internal storage.

Performance –

The model has the fastest chip, Nvidia Tegra K1 Denver, which allows it to multitask very smoothly. Switching between applications is highly quick. The device works impressively fast and browsing is lightning fast with a good WiFi connection. The gaming experience is great on the tablet. It has excellent graphics. The touchscreen works well too. But sometimes, it might require some effort. The aspect ratio is 4:3. The speakers placed on the front are loud enough with a fair bass. Nexus 9 by HTC has an 8-megapixel camera on the back.

Battery –

Google Nexus 9 has a 6700mAh battery. It can last for over 13 hours with a single charge. If the tablet gets drained out completely, it charges slower and takes more time to charge. It takes around three hours to completely charge the device. You can also check about the latest gadgets available online with a unique feature where you can club Snapdeal Coupons to grab the best deals.

Conclusion –

Nexus 9 has a market price of $399. With its outstanding performance, it surely is a great choice. IPad costs more and surely its latest model is better, but nexus still beats it in some areas. Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, and Nvidia Shield tablet cost almost the same but they can’t beat nexus in its latest Android version. Google Nexus 9 is a good choice at an affordable cost.