Top 5 Anti-aging cream in India Guide and Review 2019


Are you facing facial skin problems like loose skin around the cheek, or fine lines and baggy eyes in your 20s? Then you already are an innocent victim of premature ageing problems. This type of ageing is the result of our diet which lacks nutrients and vitamins that our body needs to heal on a constant basis. But there are ways with which you can make your facial skin back to how it was.

Anti ageing night cream are the ultimate solution for this kind of skin related issue. They are very effective and modern formulas have made the usage quite effective. So, today in this article we will talk about 5 of the best anti-ageing cream in the Indian Market. But, first we will understand these creams work and what are their functions. So, without further ado, let’s start.

How does an Anti-aging cream works?

These type of beauty creams are made with a number of compounds that accelerate the production of enzymes and body products like collagen etc. These compounds help in better healing and fast growth of new skin cells. These cells take over your former facial skin cell and you get a young and bright skin.

What are the functions of Anti-ageing creams?

Anti-ageing creams come with tags like Anti-ageing Day cream and Anti-Aging night cream. Both of these have their own set of benefits and similarly, both of them lack in one thing or another. Day creams offer you protection from the harmful UV rays with their SPF compounds whereas, night creams are better for those who are not able to take care of their skin in the daytime. Simply put night creams offers better results as they are applied at the time when you are resting and your body is also working on the healing process.

Although, there is no such cream that can cope up to all of your anti-aging needs separately. The best way to make sure that you achieve a soft and glowing skin is to use a combination of cream, lotion and serum at the right time of their application.

What is the right age for using an Anti-aging cream?

Every skin type has its own requirements and these requirements vary from the things that you want to achieve. For example, sensitive skin is hard to accommodate as most of the products in the market are not suited for that specific kind of skin type. This is why they face the premature ageing in their early 20s. So, the best way to start using an anti-ageing product is to consult a doctor before purchasing or applying any product on your face.

A brief review of top 5 Anti-aging cream in India

  1. Lotus Herbals YouthRx night Crème: this is an anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing night crème which is great for those who want a younger skin that is free of all kinds of dark spots and uneven skin tone. It is quite affordable and offers a variety of benefits. It is priced at Rs 521 for 50 ml on Flipkart.
  2. VLCC Hydrating Anti-aging Night Crème: For those who want their anti-ageing crème to have the additional benefit of Collagen acceleration, this cream is perfect for them. It offers skin tightening properties. Also, the best part about it is that it is suitable for all skin types. This is also quite affordable as it is available at only Rs 293 on Amazon.
  3. ZOOTOX Stem Cell Filler: This Anti-aging skin cream comes with the name of a premium brand ZOOTOX. This cream hides all the ageing effects including forehead lines, dead skin cells, dark spots, wrinkles etc. This Anti-aging product is on the expensive side but the effect of this cream is clinically proven.
  4. Olay Total Effects 7 in 1: Olay is a well-known brand and their products are of the top-notch stand. This particular product is an anti-aging day cream that offers an SPF 15 protection. It reduces visible lines and gives you radiant and glowing skin. It is available on Amazon at 632.
  5. WOW Anti-Aging Night cream: This is a new brand in the market but this product is quite effective. It enhances the elasticity of the skin and accelerates the production of collagen. It is available at a price tag of Rs 649 on Amazon.