Most Dangerous Tourist Places We Dare You to Visit


People always love to visit new places and explore, but sometimes it can be unpleasant as well. There are some places around the world which are not nice to travel with friends and families. Imagine you are walking through a market and bargaining things to purchase, a few minutes later you find your camera missing.

There are many such experiences which you may encounter, but they are excited as well as long as you don’t end up yourself with an organ donator. Black market organs can be dangerous in some parts of the globe.

Here sharing with you few dangerous tourist destinations which you dare not to visit.

Death Valley

Would you be pleased to visit a place sounding as dangerous as death valley? Death Valley is located in Eastern California. This dessert has a temperature of 50-degree Celsius and none are able to resist such high temperature. You would be in search of the oasis if you get lost out there. So, always carry a map, or a guide or may just keep looking at the pictures! You can get a great discount on hotel booking online using Goibibo Coupons.


Your visiting experience at Mexico will be quiet pleasing as long as you are staying at the resort territory. Exploring the city where people live may put you into the risk of local crime.  You might end up being a victim of theft or robbery. If you don’t want to have bad experiences in the city stick to your resorts. If you are unaware you might not be able to escape the complex network out there!

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

These cliffs have beautiful views. But keep in mind not to get swayed away with the mesmerizing view of the cliff. It’s a 700 feet drop. There are many incidents people have been swept off the cliff edge due to strong winds. So keep yourself limited to safety zone with a designated area while viewing Aran Islands and Galway Bay.

Mt Everest

It’s present on some people’s bucket list if I am not wrong. But very few succeed in reaching the summit. People who can set aside their fear are able to make it. Many people have given their life also trying. You will prefer to keep yourself warm rather than getting froze in those mountains.


Peru, the home of Macchu Pichu. These ruins seem to be alluring but can be dangerous at times. Make sure to stay within guard as there are civil unrest and problems with drugs. If you stay within the tourist segments then you are safe. But don’t try to explore much of its greenery and local scenery.


Thailand, people tend to visit a lot of nowadays and explore the markets doing their shopping. The prices are way more cheap than the rest of the world, but the government of this country can’t be trusted. People also end up dying here without a proper investigation. The police don’t even bother to solve in extreme cases. Remember there is a lot of pf poverty prevailing in this area to be safe rather than flashing your cash.


The next comes Brazil, beaches are nice and mesmerizing. But be careful in particular in a few places, favelas. There is innumerable crimes and you may find yourself in the den of despair.

Hiking in California

Though you are in love with hiking, beware of the Half Dome in the National Park. Some parts even reach 90 degrees. You can get the help of the ladders attached to it, but your one slip you are toasted! Previously two people were even hurt and killed when the lightning struck. Moreover if you are looking for Indigo Recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

Camping at Yellowstone National Park

It is known for its scenic beauty but be aware of the grizzly bears. Hikers use bells to keep them off and definitely don’t forget to carry bear sprays. Keep the food and snacks in closed cans. Do anything that an avoid encounter!

All these above destinations have positive and negatives sides. It’s just you who need to be cautious enough. People can easily enjoy their vacation and not get into a criminal offence while your visit and share your experience with others.