Mobile Phone Radiation Protection Can Protect Your Body From Cell Phone Radiation?


Does your cell phone feel like an extension of your hand? Is it impossible for you to stay away from it for long? Do you wake up to your cell phone light and sleep right next to it?

You are not alone. 3.3 billion people own a cell phone today and more than 50% of this population is addicted to it.

You probably are already aware that cell phone radiations are harmful. But you never really realize the intensity of this harm!

How is radiation harmful?

EMF radiation released by your cell phone causes terrifying health conditions ranging from headaches, infertility,  sleep disorders, developmental problems, Gene and protein expression, Genotoxic effects (DNA damage), Stress response, Compromised Immune function, Melatonin production issues, Alzheimer’s Disease, Childhood obesity and Asthma (when exposed in utero).

But don’t panic! You don’t have to entirely give away your Smartphone to protect yourself against the radiation.

What are the ways to protect yourself against radiation?

Radiation depends on three factors

  1. Time: the time spent by you using your cell phone or just being with it.
  2. Distance: how close do you keep your cell phone at all times. Do you keep it in your pocket the whole day and sleep next to it at night?
  3. Shielding: is there anything you use to divert the radiation emitted by the phone? Something to place between you and the radiation.

Do you own a low SAR value phone? Is it enough?

What is SAR?

SAR is a test to measure the rate of radiofrequency energy inhaled by your body. Every time a new phone is launched. It has to undergo the SAR test. SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram is considered safe.

It is a common mistake that owning a low SAR level phone is safe. Unfortunately, this is not true. You will still be constantly exposed to radiation. The only advantage of owning a low SAR level phone is that the radiation is comparatively lesser.

What time of the day does the mobile radiation increase by a 1000 fold?

There is no specific time of the day. But, Every time a signal bar is missing the radiation increase thousandfold. Switch off your mobile immediately!

Each signal bar that is missing, your exposure increases several hundred times.

How to protect yourself from harmful radiation?

If you can’t switch off your phone then Shield yourself from the radiation by putting something between you and the mobile phone.

Mobile radiation protection should be effective and should divert the radiation away from your body, especially the vital organs like your heart, brain, and reproductive organs.

  1. Using stones There are many stones and naturally found minerals available in the market which claim to divert this harmful radiation. But there is no scientific evidence to support their claim.
  2. Wearing tin foil hats and amulets: these are again untested claims made by the salesman. 
  3. Whatever product you use you should make sure that they are effective and safe. I always recommend scientifically proven products that are well tested.

I personally use Vortex Bioshield which is easy to use, scientifically tested, and provides a 90% cell phone protection guarantee.