Highest Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Offered By Bajaj Finance


Company FDs are known for their high interest rates. They easily offer 1-2% higher than bank FDs in India. The current interest rate in India is on the lower side and is sliding. With excess liquidity in the economy, the Reserve bank of India has been cutting the REPO rate – the rate at which banks borrow from the RBI. This shows that banks are supposed to lend more money at cheaper rates. This has also affected the deposit rates adversely and reduced the returns on FDs.

Company FDs provide 1-2% higher returns than current interest rates in bank deposits owing to various factors. Take the maximum advantage of company FDs like Bajaj Finance FD which have been rated safe and secure by world renewed credit rating agencies like CRISIL and ICRA. Bajaj Finance FD has been rated highly with CRISIL’s FAAA/stable rating and ICRA’s MAAA/stable rating.

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

You can easily utilize the fixed deposit interest rate calculator to understand the principal amount you need to earn a specific return. To understand the best interest rate for you, take a look at the table below – 

Tenor in Months Minimum deposit (in Rs.) Cumulative Non-Cumulative
Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Annual
12 – 23 25,000 8.00% 7.72% 7.77% 7.85% 8.00%
24 – 35 8.15% 7.88% 7.93% 8.00% 8.15%
36 8.60% 8.28% 8.34% 8.42% 8.60%
Special tenors scheme
15 Months 1,00,000 8.05% 7.77% 7.82% 7.89% 8.05%

Highest Rates

You can see the lowest interest rate you can earn in a Bajaj Finance FD is 7.72% with a monthly payout option for a tenor of 12 to 23 months. This increases with the tenor. At 3 years, you can easily earn 8.6% for the cumulative option. Also, a special interest rate for15 months is available at 8.05%. Bajaj Finance FD offers one of the best rates along with the guaranteed returns on your deposit. 

There are other ways you can multiply the returns on your FDs as follows –

  • Choosing Cumulative and Non-cumulative Option

If you are looking for a long term investment, such as, more than 1 year and wish to multiply it without any need for interim earnings, then go for the cumulative option. Under this option, the interest is added back to the principal amount and further interest is calculated. This option allows a higher earning.

  • High Return on Investment 

If you look at the table below, you can see by just investing Rs. 25,000 – which is the minimum investment required for a Bajaj Finance FD, the ROI is easily 51% for a 5 year FD. If you are a senior citizen, you can avail much higher Return on Investment. Thus, a good FD can provide promising returns, safeguard your portfolio against market volatilities and hence, add value to your portfolio. 

Investor Type Interest rates Amount Tenor Return ROI
New customer 8.6% Rs 25,000 5 years Rs. 12,765 51%
Senior citizens 8.95% Rs 25,000 5 years Rs. 13,377 54%
Existing customers 8.85% Rs 25,000 5 years Rs. 13,202 53%
  • Laddering

If you are one of those who plan ahead and wish to see a future inflow from your investments, then you can create a stream of FDs at periodic intervals which will mature in a systematic manner in future depending on the tenors you choose. This is called as Laddering your investments. This helps create a continuous flow of returns for a long period of time. You can auto-renew the same FDs as this feature is available with Bajaj Finance FD.

You can avail additional features with Bajaj Finance FD such as debit card facility to invest in FDs, multi-deposits through a single payment, and much more.

Thus, Bajaj Finance FD can prove to be a solid investment to create risk-free and highly paying portfolio.