How To Make Your Nose Smaller?


Most women dream about a beautiful face with rosy lips, big eyes, and a sharp nose. The nose is located in the center of the face, and indeed, it attracts the attention of other people right away. If you have a big nose, you surely feel unconfident in contacting and communicating with others. Some people seek help from makeup or even cosmetic surgery with expensive cost but you totally can do some simple exercises below if you are finding the answer “How to make your nose look smaller?”.

1. Nose shortening
Age is the main factors that can affect substantially the changes and the aging of your body. The cartilages, ensues, the bones, and muscle can be deteriorated and weaken. The simple exercise to deal with these problems in your nose is nose shortening which helps you to shape the nose and makes it be shorter and also protect it from deteriorating cartilage. Placing the index fingertip on the tip of your nose and then press gently. After that, apply the downward pressure on the finger and repeat many times a day every day.

2. Nose shaping
Are you complaining about the shape of your nose? This exercise can be the thing that you need. Press the sides of your nose by using the index fingers and exhale with a force. You should apply pressure to the bottom of the sides of your nostrils if you want to get the best results and repeat it for 10 times.
This exercise is good for reducing and preventing nose sagging. You can do it regularly, sculpt your nose like the way you want and you can see the changes in your nose substantial and certainly, it includes a small nose.

3. Nose straightening
This is actually a simple remedy and natural to perform if you are wondering how to get a smaller nose. You can do it 20 to 30 times a day to have the best results. All you have to do is smile and push your nose upwards with your fingers. Just by a smile you could straighten your nose and build the muscles on both sides of your nose.

4. Massage the nose
Massage the nose can bring to you many benefits such as help you to deal with a headache of any kind, shape and narrow the nose and make it look smaller,… To have a small nose, you just massage your nose from the bridge to the tip, and to the sides or simply to understand, it means every part of your nose. A point is worth mentioning here is you have to massage in a circulation motion to have the effectiveness. Repeat this exercise regularly with 5 times for each day to achieve the best result.

5. Wiggle your nose
Other exercise helps you the get a smaller nose is nose wiggling. actually, it can be known as an exercise to build the muscle than reshaping the nose. But it also strengthens the muscle and helps your nose sharper. To perform this one, you just need to wiggle the nose and make sure your face is stable and not mobile. To achieve high efficiency with a small nose, you should do it at least once a day.

6. Breathing
Yoga and workouts play an important role in breathing exercises. you could not know that deep exhale and inhale bring countless benefits for you, especially shaping your nose. You can get a small nose if follow this method correctly. so what how to breathe accurately to get the best results? All you need is sitting down comfortable and use one finger to block one side of your nose. Inhale a deep breath on the other side and hold it for about 4 seconds. After that, using another finger to block the side that you have just inhaled and exhaling the nostril you firstly blocked. Do 3 sets for every 10 times and observe the changes in your nose shape.

7. Makeup
Makeup is one of the most popular beauty treatments today, and it is also a great way to reduce the nose at home if properly applied by images that make it extremely wonderful. You need to prepare a powder or highlighter. After using the make up base, foundation cream you start to make up for the face. Applying the highlighter to the nasal bridge. Then add the darker makeup to both sides of your nose. And in the final step, it is time for you to have a lightly spread over the face to make it naturally.

8. Natural remedies
You feel lazy to do exercise or have never used the makeup and you want to find out a natural way to make your nose smaller? Here are two popular homemade remedies to achieve that:
· Ginger powder: combine the ginger powder with water to create a paste and use it to apply to your nose in the part that you want to make it look smaller. Keep it for 15 minutes and then clean it with clean water. Do not keep it too long because of burning sensation it brought to and wash it if you can not bear it.

· Ice: the cold of the ice cubes can make your nose to reduce bloat. To use it, you have to wrap the ice cubes by a clean cloth and apply it to your nose for 10 minutes each day.

How to make your nose smaller?”

You have already found out the answer for that. It is not a simple thing to change the shape of your nose so you have to be patient and perform it correctly for a certain period of time.