If you are a search engine marketer, then you already know the value of SEO tools. In today’s world, tactics required to make your Web Page at the top, keep on changing but the fundamentals remain same. SEO tools helps to monitor website activities and provides in depth analysis of the website. so here are the top free seo tools.

TOP 5 Free SEO Tools

1.  Google Search Console or Google Webmaster


As the name signifies “Google webmaster” is one of the top SEO tool.

    • It gives your proper analysis about what keywords people searching organically to reach out to your website.

  • It gives you the proper monitorization over the indexing status of your website, submit sitemaps, and lists of links that point to your site.
  • You can fetch you web page (as many year back this is the solo tool which makes you web page at the top)
  • You can also monitor Keyword impression/clicks and their avg rank

2. Google Analytics

The best Free ware tool required for in depth website analysis. you can get the report of various activities like-:

  • The Audience report in google analytics provides you the demographic analysis about the audience that you have to target
  • The Traffic Sources analysis overview will provide you how many visitors has come to your website from different different marketing channels like search engines, direct visits, social networks, paid, referral or affiliate .
  • The Conversions report shows you how many of your goals (e.g. form leads, sales) have been completed and the conversion rate for each one of them.
  • The Website analysis report shows you which pages of your website are attracting the most traffic; you can see metrics such as the number of visits, average visit duration, bounce rate, and % new visits for each and every page on your website.

3. Google Keyword Planner

To access this tool you have to make an account on ” Google adwords “. This free marketing tool provides you search volume of each keyword on the basis of past trends.

If you wanted to write an article and don’t know, on which keyword you have to put more focus then this free seo tool will be perfect choice for you.

This tool also provide you the suggested related keywords list so indeed it is the one of the most important SEO tool to identify the right keywords.

4. MOZ Free SEO Tools

With this SEO tool, you can manage local search engine optimization, analyze backlinks, analyze Keyword and check the spam score and Website Domain & Page authority.

5. Google Trends

Every one wanted to draws the maximum traffic to their website and trending is the best way to do so. This Free SEO tool by google provides you the trending stories and queries with in depth analysis of interest over time.

You can select you suitable category and preferred country to check the best trending queries related to your niche.

SO. here are the best free SEO tools list, If you want to know more freeware SEO tools then just drop you mail at and we will provide you all Free as well as paid seo tool list.