Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Review


Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 Summary: In Dragon Ball super last episode i.e Episode 125, Toppo reveals his “Destructive God” power” by becoming full fledged “God of destruction”. He fights against Golden Freeza and defeat him in no time.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 starts with the preview of the last episode, where Toppo knocked off Freeza but Freeza somehow manage to remain in the inside the tournament arena.Android 17 challenges the “God of destruction Toppo” but Toppo after praising him to “survive that far” tells that fighting further is pointless. As he attained the power of God, neglecting that android 17 launches huge energy beam toward Toppo but he deflects that with his destruction Ki.

Android 17 also tries to trick him and tries to buried Toppo in rubble by uses his destruction power against him but this was also unaffected. Toppo says that he can’t risk destroying android 17 and build large energy blast but Freeza stop the attack with his Death Beam.Freeza uses telekinesis to paralyze Toppo but Toppo break it with his Ki. Toppo grabs Freeza neck and tossed him and delivers his justice flash when he landed. Freeza and Android 17 also use their Ki beam against that but power of Toppo overwhelmed them.

Meanwhile the intensity of wave energy of the fight between “Goku & Vegeta” and “Jiren” interrupts Toppo. Jiren uses Ki blast towards Goku & Vegeta but Android 17 & Freeza got hit.Jiren and Toppo splits up to fight against Goku and Vegeta, Toppo decide to fight against Vegeta and delivers bunch of Ki blast towards him, Vegeta somehow escape from that.

The Real fight between “newly God” and “Prince of all Saiyans” starts in the episode 126, Vegeta launches full power final flash against Toppo Hakai ( the destructive power that God of destruction uses to destroy) but the power of Hakai overwhelmed Vegeta final flash.Toppo stated that he can’t beat him with that amount of strength, Vegeta realize that toppo become stronger than before after getting power of “God of Destruction”.

In between he remember his promise that he gave to Cabba but Toppo make fun of his promise by saying ” A promise among saiyans? Don’t make me laugh!” and delivers the big energy blast toward him, which makes everyone in universe 7 worried but to protect his family, his promise and saiyans pride, Vegeta boost his power even further and give a direct punch on Toppo face and also delivers some energy blast toward him.

He overpowered toppo while stating “with only this amount of power, how can you call yourself stronger?” Belmod (universe 11 God of Destruction) ordered toppo to destroy everything along with Vegeta attacks as who cares as long as he doesn’t kill him.
Vegeta finally able to punch even his hakai blasts but with simultaneously hakai blasts there is huge dent in the arena.
While stating that he’ll give an attack that can’t destroy, Vegeta launches his self-destruction attack that we already seen in Majin Buu arc when Majin Vegeta tries to kill Buu with his self-destruction.

Vegeta’s building his energy while Toppo gathers a large amount of Hakai energy. The main highlights of Dragon ball super episode 126 starts with clashes of energy blasts between Toppo and Vegeta. Vegeta’s self-destructive energy is able to break the Hakai of Toppo.

This blast eliminates Toppo with annihilates much of the tournament. Everyone in Universe 7 wondering where is Vegeta, Is he killed with his attack as he is unseen for a few seconds, but after seeing him alive a joy of sensation is over out among the Universe 7.
Every one still wondering that how Vegeta manage to survive but Piccolo tells everyone that Vegeta is many times stronger than the last time, his body can with stand that much of energy.
Android 17 also managed to survive against Jiren attack, on the other hand when seeing Toppo got eliminated, Jiren says pathetic for not lasting longer and praise Vegeta to win against him.

Now only four minute is remaining in Tournament of Power, lets see what would happen in next in the Dragon ball super episode 127. JIREN’S HIDDEN POWER! 

The major highlights of Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 is fight between Toppo and Vegeta, if you are Prince Vegeta’s fan then don’t miss this episode.

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