7 Tips to Do When You Miss Your Bae


When you are in a long-distance relationship, it is very natural to miss your partner, miss those little moments, miss their hugs and kisses. You may feel that nothing is going right, days are not going well. You wish that if your partner would. All these feelings are more prominent when it is your anniversary, birthday, or any special day. 

We can do many things to feel better like you can send anniversary flowers to your bae with a note having your feelings embedded in it. So these feelings will also reach the right place and you will also feel good when you write your feelings. There are many ways to cope up with this situation. Try whatever suits you and your relationship.

Here are 7 tricks, you can choose them according to your situation- 

  1. Show your feelings – If you badly miss them, show your feelings. Tell them why you are feeling so. Be as much as vulnerable in front of them because he/she is your partner, they would definitely understand. Being vulnerable is very difficult but if you can’t be vulnerable in front of your partner so you really need to work upon it. You can do this by a simple phone call or text message. It would be great if you choose a video call. You can also start a conversation by sending flowers. 
  2. A quick check of your bae – You can make a phone call or a video call and tell them how much you love them and miss them at that moment of time. You can also appreciate their presence in your life and how important they are to you. This will make them happy and eventually you will be also happy by the love they will shower in you. 
  3. Surprise your bae – If you’re one of them who don’t know how to say things? Or don’t know how to start these types of conversations. If this is the best idea, send flowers to them with a quote ‘Miss you’ this will surely start a conversation between you. Nowadays midnight cake delivery in Delhi is available, you can do it with the comfort of your couch. 
  4. Channelize your Energy – When you are missing your bae, you release a lot of emotional energy, this can be very destructive or creative. So try to channelize that energy for the betterment of yourself or your relationship. You can be as crazy as you want. Focus on your hobbies and fantasies. Try to love yourself a little more as self-love will help you to cope up with missing parts. 
  5. Replace Sadness with Happiness – You should try to remove sadness hovering on your mind by thinking of the next time you are going to meet her. What will you say or ask her? How will you show your love when she is right in front of you? Etc. This will surely light your mood and will make you a little happy. 
  6. Hangout with friends – Try to go out with friends. Do whatever activities you like, which gives you pleasure. A coffee with a good friend will also work. So this will keep you diverted and you will also feel better. 
  7. Send a letter – Be a somewhat old school and write a letter to your bae. Handwritten letters are the best way to pull all your emotions out of your heart and this is also loved by everyone. If you send this with wedding anniversary flowers this will be like jelly on a cake. Flowers are really important because they share all the deep emotions you are feeling and will surely convey the right message. If your bae is in Bangalore, it is best because we have the best site to send flowers to Pune as they always deliver fresh and beautiful flowers.

These are the seven things you can try whenever you miss your bae. With all the tricks mentioned above you should also try to appreciate whatever you have and be happy. You have your bae on your side, what else do you need. So appreciate everything and surprise her as much as you can by sending flowers, chocolates, gifts etc. Nowadays online flower deliveries in India are easily available with some clicks. And if your bae is in Bangalore it’s great because midnight flower delivery in Bangalore is available nowadays. So who doesn’t like flowers at midnight?

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