Why Parents Secretly Want to Send Their Children to Soft Play Areas


In one of our previous articles, we discussed the hidden advantages of indoor play areas for kids. But in this particular piece, we will discuss a parent’s perspective and why they prefer sending their child to go to soft play areas.

Let’s dive right in!

#1 They get to chat with other parents: Yes, it’s true! Parents get an opportunity to interact with new faces and make new friends. It’s like they are back in school except for a short period of time. So they try to strike a conversation and bond. We also hear that some of them even go on to become best buddies and each other’s support system. That’s awesome, right?

#2 They get to relax: Unlike at home, parents don’t have to run around or entertain their child all the time. It’s exhausting, to say the least. They deserve a time-out which happens when they take their kid to an indoor play area. As a matter of fact, when their children get busy entertaining themselves and playing with other kids, parents can actually grab a cuppachai or coffee and reboot.

If it’s any surprise, we, at Kids DownTown have a special area for parents to let their hair down and enjoy some refreshments!

#3 They reminisce about their childhood: Of course, who wouldn’t, right? Watching so many kids play brings a flood of memories of their own good ol’ days! It’s true that there weren’t soft play areas back in the day but that doesn’t stop them from taking the walk down the memory lane. Flashback of playing in the open field, drenched in mud and sweaty faces…all bring happiness in the present!

#4 They can sleep well: After an exhausting play time, the tired kids sleep a good night’s sleep! Apparently, it’s super advantageous for parents as they don’t have to wake up at wee hours and tend to their cranky child. Moreover, when the parent-child duo sleeps well they both wake up fresh the next day, not getting in each other’s hair! A win-win?

We’d say: YES!

If you noticed, one thing’s clear: a soft play area is a healthy alternative both for the parents and kids. They can each have their own downtime and enjoy.

Do you think you ready to enroll your child at Kids DownTown? We hope you’re saying yes!

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