Why Mid-Range Budget Smart Phones are Always in Demand in the Market


While purchasing the Mid-range budget smart phones, majority of Indian consumers believe in getting their money’s worth right down to the last rupee. Regardless of what they are looking to purchase, they will browse through many options and analyze every feature to completely understand the product before they make the purchase. 

Even for smartphones, which are the most popular electronic products globally, the Indian consumer will always analyze both their requirement and the smartphone’s features in-depth, before making the purchase. Owing to such consumer behavior, mid-range budget smartphones continue to generate the highest amount of demand from customers. Regardless of which manufacturer they ultimately choose to go with, the average Indian consumer will always choose the mid-range budget smartphone over the more expensive flagship model. 

In order to capture this changing trend, manufacturers have also begun releasing mid-range smartphones that are topping the charts in terms of functionality, efficiency, and overall performance. Even as manufacturers catch on to this trend, read on to learn about why mid-range budget smartphones are in demand in the market. 

1. Smart Phones – Premium Features

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and manufacturers are innovating with the intent to make it available to everybody. As a result, it is no longer only the premium phones that have the top features available in the market today. Mid-range budget smartphones are equipped with most of the premium features, which ensure that these phones offer almost as much functionality as top models by the same manufacturer. Vivo mobiles under 15000 INR, such as Vivo Y3, offer functionality which is almost as good as Vivo mobiles which are available at higher price points. As a result, most consumers can buy mid-range smartphones and avail a wide range of premium features without needing to shell out more money.

2. Smart Phones – Additional Features

Owing to the massive competition between manufacturers operating in the Indian smartphone market, several brands are now offering additional features in their mid-range phones which other manufacturers would offer only with their top models. Mid-range smartphones today include 5,000 mAh battery phones, which earlier would have been only a part of the top price segment. Exciting features which earlier would have been released only with the top flagship models are now included in mid-range smartphones as well, enabling customers to experience premium features at a lower cost.

3. Smart Phones – Excellent Performance

Earlier, premium smartphone models were sought after because it was believed that the performance they offered to users was significantly superior as compared to mid-range phones, and others in the lower price bracket. However, this is no longer true, as even mid-range smartphones are now offering performance comparable to that offered by premium smartphones.  are now available in the mid-range smartphone bracket, which enables users to experience the smooth performance that used to be the hallmark of premium smartphones.

4. Smart Phones – Improved Designs

No longer are smartphone makers focusing solely on their premium models to demonstrate their high levels of design and style. With consumers showing a clear preference for mid-range smartphones, manufacturers have also begun paying more attention to how these products look. Mid-range smartphones are now available in a range of colours, and are even sporting displays and finishes that, a few years back, could only be expected only from premium smartphones. More stylish models are making an appearance in the mid-range segment, and several of the Vivo mobiles under 15,000 INR are testament to how mid-range smartphones now flaunt stunning designs.

5. Smart Phones – Better Cameras

In recent years, cameras have become the most feature that most potential smartphone buyers look for. Previously, only the most premium models were expected to have amazing cameras; these days, even mid-range mobile phones have cameras that can be used for professional photography.