Vanity Wagon adds Biotique to their kitty of organic brands


Once again, Vanity Wagon (India’s organic beauty marketplace) has got another cruelty-free and all-natural brand onboard. This time, Biotique, has joined hands with this refined and impeccable online store to let their products reach the masses across the nation.

Biotique is a well-loved brand that offers a wide range of personal care products. The brand basis each of their operations revolving the aim and promise to deliver the best products made with naturally-derived ingredients. Biotique formulates unique blends with 100% sustainably sourced ingredients derived from the bounty of nature to treat all modern-day skin and hair concerns. The products on offer by the brand are not just effective and cruelty-free but also extremely gentle on the human body. Made without even an ounce of chemical or harsh preservatives, the formulas are safe to use by everyone.

Their ayurvedic and magical blends are backed by advanced studies done by scientific experts to ensure the efficacy and safety of the product. Their collection of personal care products includes face washes, shower gels, hair cleansers, conditioners, face mask, face and body creams, lotions, sunscreen, and much more. Some of their best-selling and worth-trying products are Bio milk protein face pack, Bio neem purifying face wash, Apricot refreshing body wash, Bio morning nectar, Bio dandelion serum, Bio saffron dew cream, and Bio soya protein fresh nourishing shampoo.

From their concentrated face packs to the gentle baby shampoos and washes, everything is worth the love. The vision of the brand goes beyond treating just skin and hair issues. It also promotes the wellness of the body, mind, and soul through the age-old and tested medicinal system of Ayurveda. Their effective creations are a result of their passion to promote sustainable living and satiating the diverse beauty needs of customers of all ages. Apart from offering solutions for human wellness, Biotique also fulfills its social responsibility and uses only eco-friendly and recyclable packaging material for its products.

Vanity Wagon is excited to make this beauty legacy available to every doorstep across the nation. So, get set and shop all things natural by Biotique now at