Things you should NOT do on a car trip:


To avoid any haphazard pack all your essentials carefully like a phone charger, first aid kit,and other things. TheWarehouse also offers laptop sleeves in Pakistan to protect laptop from water or dust.  And to make your trip more interesting don’t forget to grab our weed tees, we also offer weed for sale in Pakistan. Grab Yours Now! However, there are some things that you should avoid before leaving for a long car trip.

Leave home in a hurry

Ok, you have agreed to go on an adventure at the last minute and in a totally spontaneous way. Great! But before you get behind the wheel, give yourself (at least) one hour to make plans. Maybe you could draw and plan and/or have a vague idea of ​​where you are going to go. Or maybe you need time to pack, no matter how small. And, of course, remember to close the door of the house when leaving. We are sorry to spoil the fun, but a little preparation is better than driving hours and hours until you realize that there is a better route in the opposite direction to which you are going. Or that you have forgotten the glasses to see (or the contact lenses) in the bathroom and the open door.

That the wrong person is in charge of the music

We do not want to be dramatic, but music is one of the things that can turn a road trip into a fabulous experience … or a hell. Do not delegate the responsibility of preparing the playlist and choosing the songs to someone whose musical tastes strike you like horror? Seriously, you do not want to be locked in a car for several hours listening some boring songs.

Drinking too much coffee

It is an easy mistake to commit. You start to tire of those hours on the road and stop at a coffee shop to fill up with caffeine in your coffee mug. Less than an hour later you will need to stop again to go to the bathroom and so on to infinity. Also, too much coffee will tire you out and maybe I could get a little nervous. And it is not the best state to be locked in a car with more people a good time.

Forget about taking snacks

It’s a rookie mistake. Unless you want to stop at every roadside cafe, make sure you have some snacks to keep hunger at bay. Since you are going to be in a small and somewhat crowded space, avoid carrying food that leaves many crumbs or that smells fatal. And ice cream is not a good idea either.

 Do not stop

A sure way to turn a pleasant road adventure into a stressful and uncomfortable trip is not to stop for breaks … and if it’s too long, do not stop to stay overnight in a hotel. We know you want to get to your destination as soon as possible, but continue when your companions are falling asleep and you are starting to close your eyes is never a good idea. So take it easy. Car trips should be fun! Organize technical stops every two hours and make sure everyone is rested and relaxed if you are going to have to be on the road for a few days.