Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Water Purifier


Do you plan to purchase a water purifier for your space/ it is a good idea to keep yourself healthy.  But before you purchase one, do you know much about this concept? How would you pick the right water purifier? What do you know about types of water purifiers like RO, UF, UV and activated carbon water purifiers and how these do work and what kind of purifier best suitable for hard or soft water?

Well, don’t tax your mind much because you can talk to professionals like Aquaguard customer helpline number Chennai and make sure that they help you in making the right choice.   Once you know what you want and for which type of water you need the purifier; you can make a right choice. It is true that water purifier is important for house hold in guarding the health of the family. Bad water can trigger many diseases.    Following are a few things that you must know before you buy any purifier.

A quick peep into Water type: hard water or soft water?

The examples of sources of hard water are drawn from bore wells, underground water, or supplied from Tankers. Hard water might possess arsenic, fluoride, and other heavy metals. Talking about the example sources of soft water, they are river water, rain harvesting, lakes, or the water supplied by municipality.

What are the kinds of water purifiers – RO, UV, and UF?

In case the water type at your residence is hard, then you must consider RO water purifier. If the water is not hard and is soft water then RO might not be required.  In case the water contamination level is quite high then you can consider UV water purifier. But in case the water is hard and contamination is also high then purchase RO + UV water purifier. In simple words,

  • In case the water is hard and have high contamination, go for RO + UV purifier.
  • In case the water is hard and low contamination is there, you can consider RO purifier.
  • If the water is soft and possess high or low contamination, you can go for UV purifier.

Remember that there are plenty of water purifiers available in the market for domestic use. Every single water purifier type address a particular need such as the kind of water is hard of soft, contamination degree in your area water. The main thing is that you need to know what kind of water available in your region, contamination level for that understands what type of water purifier is important.   You can pick a suitable water purifier once you know this thing.

Once you have compared different purifiers, you can make a right choice. It is all about what you want and how you want the purifiers to work for you.  There are excellent products available for purification. You can do a comparison among different water purifiers to ensure that you have the right product installed at home.


So, when are you introducing a water purifier in your house?  It would be a move good for every inmate!