How to study Physics for NEET

How to study Physics for NEET

NEET is considered to be the most important test for young people who dream of a career in the field of health. Most of the students preparing for NEET consider Physics section as the most challenging. Preparation of NEET physics requires a lot of effort, problem-solving and patience abilities. The Physics part of NEET exam also includes several numerical and theoretical concepts related to various subjects. 

In the NEET exam, 11th and 12th class physics questions are of equal marks. A total of 45 questions are asked in the Physics section, which consists of 180 numbers in the paper. Therefore, to get good marks in the Physics section of the NEET exam, a good score is required for admission in medical courses. You can prepare well through online practice test NEET.  Through this article, we want to convince you that the exam syllabus can be huge and there are a lot of challenges here. But you do not need to panic for preparing for NEET. Here we are giving you the guide on how to study Physics.

How to study physics for NEET weight

Before we tell you how to study Physics for NEET, firstly know about the main Physics subjects for the exam.

  1. Electrical kinetics
  2. Optics
  3. Modern physics
  4. The mechanics
  5. SHM and waves
  6. Heat and thermodynamics

All these subjects are divided into several chapters. Before proceeding on how to study Physics for NEET, check the weightage of all the main subjects. The NEET Physics test series is one of the most valuable study material for your exam.  

Main topic weightage

  1. Electricity 27%
  2. Modern physics 11%
  3. Mechanics 35%
  4. SHM and waves 7%
  5. Heat and thermodynamics 9%
  6. Optics 11%

Tips for reading NEET physics

First of all, students have to be aware of all the subjects that constitute the Physics section of the exam. You will get the exact syllabus on the official site for NEET medical examination. Also, check the marking scheme for each subject and make your preparation accordingly. Sometimes problems of physics become difficult because of difficult concepts. But this is considered to be one of the most important tips for preparing physics for NEET. What you should know about formulas is that modifying constant formulas is a better way to memorize any complex formulas in physics. Practice online mock test as much as possible. Physics NEET preparation test series will help you in bringing good marks. Below are some tips on how to study Physics for NEET. If you follow these tips from the very beginning of NEET exam preparation, then the preparation process will become very easy for you.

Revise and keep practising

Be positive and healthy

Do not go deep into new topics

If you feel something like an exaggeration on the enormity of the syllabus, then use the NCERT books for reference. Even with all the suggestions for studying physics for NEET, it is very common to be apprehensive about exams. It is also natural to doubt whether any specific area is right for your future. If you have doubts about the area to proceed, you can consult an expert.

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