How To Get Flipkart Coupon Code


How To Get Flipkart Coupon Code : Flipkart is the one the biggest eCommerce website in India. It was founded in October 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. You guys thought why I am evaluating the history of flipkart? I think most of you are already familiar with it. So you guys are here meant you want to know about “How To Get flipkart Coupon Code” sorry guys, but reality is that flipkart doesn’t provide any coupon code.  So the Question comes,  why I am writing this article on “How To Get Coupon Code in Flipkart” Is there any way to get discount code of flipkart ? The answer  of this question is “yes “  there is some way by which you can get the discount . so what are these way !!

Wasting no time the easiest way is “EGV Voucher”

What is EGV voucher?

It is an electronics, gift voucher by which you can get discounts on any product in flipkart. It’s kind of mini gift debit card which has some amount of money which you can redeem during the payment process. It includes 16 digits “1111222233334444” number and 4 digit pin just like a debit card which can be easily redeemed and you can get a discount just like a coupon code. Question again arise how to get that EGV voucher. Easiest thing is by purchasing it.

How To Get Flipkart Coupon Code - EGV Voucher

You can purchase this voucher from  there are some terms and condition which you have to read before purchasing.

Is there any way to get EGV voucher for free ?

Once again the answer is yes, you can get EGV voucher from flipkart but as nothing comes for free. You have to earn that EGV voucher. If you want to know the method of free earning ways of EGV voucher you have to wait just for a while as it is a bit lengthy process which I will explain you in my next article.

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