Guide to Take up the Profession of a Ghost Writer


There are chances that ghost writing doesn’t appeals as a major career choice. But for aspiring writers, giving it a shot is not a bad idea. You just never know, what can turn out to be in your favour nothing goes in complete vain. One could easily learn some new techniques for writing while doing the job of a ghost writer. Here are few things to consider, that may help you in becoming a ghost writer.  

Earn your Commission

Before dreaming about the commission you are going to earn as a ghost writer ask yourself a question. Do you have the required skills? Ghost writing could not be said as world’s easiest job. It requires a proper skill set in an individual and this is not only about writing. One must have good communication skills, and being impatient is not working at all. While writing research work is also required thus one needs to be a good listener and researcher as well. This may look like peanuts but actually when some complex topics come up it may appear as a nightmare. In addition to that a very necessary skill is weaving an engaging and entertaining story for the project. Now, you know the skill set but if you don’t fit in just look for some other job.

It is a lot more about subject and a little less about the writer

If ghost writing is a party then ego is strictly not invited. Yes, there is no place for the ego of a jobless creative person to start a ghost writing career. So, here you are not required to demonstrate the best you can. This doesn’t means that writing quality is not needed but it is more about best of your subject. It should be done as your subject may have possibly done it. It is simply their way or no way at all. If this doesn’t hurts the ego of creative person living inside you, go ahead and pursue ghost writing career.  A broad portfolio may appear fancy but it is advised to become specialist in a particular field.

Let’s talk business

What else than money could possibly be the best motivation for ghost writing? Yeah, nothing but it may be a little soon to discuss about the exact pay scale. The fee charged by ghost writer depends on several factors. These factors may include experience in the writing field, professional behaviour etc. Get assistance from the internet to know the common pay rate for the beginners. Second comes the payment process or instalments, this also differs from person to person. There are people that make go for three instalments, some go for two and some take full money in advance. But the best way to accept payment is in two instalment 50% before beginning and 50% after completion. One thing to never forget is that don’t expect anything from your writing than cash. This means that ghost writing won’t provide you the title of author.

Writing an autobiography as a Ghost writer  

It is quite important to be a good interviewer if you are ghost writing an autobiography. Initially you could begin with taking the interview of the person whose autobiography you are going to write. Keep in mind that you as well as the interviewee should be in a comfortable environment. Here are few more tips-

  • It is suggested to go for probing questions.
  • Leading questions should be avoided; the interview should focus on the interviewee only. As it is all about him or her.
  • Avoid distractions, concentration is the key. When you are having a conversation, especially when it is an interview you need be focused.

Along with all these tips always keep in mind to speak briefly about yourself. As turning the whole conversation on you, will not be a good idea.

Research is the after interview thing

According to my point of view, starting the research work before interviewing the person is not a working idea. I believe that making prior perception may affect the work. It is highly recommended to clear and confirm all the information you have before interviewing the person. If you go researching thoroughly the information shared by the interviewee could also be confirmed. However, this doesn’t means that you start doubting everything told by the interviewee. All you have to do is re-check the facts and demonstrate them in a creative way.

Starting with the book

After completing the interview and research work you may get the idea of approaching the story. It is advised to have a discussion with the person who has hired you before going even for the first draft. Here are few tips that may suggest some right methods of approaching a biography-

People are character now

while writing an autobiography the process becomes fun when you imagine the subject as a character. Yes, a character of his or her own story. Just like there is a protagonist in every novel and story develops around it. Similarly, in an autobiography the subject itself is protagonist.

Don’t go off theme and multi-line story is not a good idea    

Instead of a multi-line story a single line approach would appear to be more working, for an autobiography. It would lead to a more focused and concentrated content. Thus, think of your own ideas and imagination and discuss with the client. This discussion may provide you the idea of perfect set-up of the story and then develop accordingly.

At the end the best suggestion for an aspiring writer in this field is to read. Yes, read  

Whatever gains your interest, ghost writings are suggested of course? But this doesn’t means to avoid every other literature, just read everything of your interest. And never forget analyse the work you read, make a book report or simple review about it. After all, it is quite important to have an opinion. Well, ghost writing is booming and with wise steps it could be turned into a rewarding career.