How to Earn Money Online without Investment


Every body wants to earn money online without investment, People really loves easy money but they neglect the real fact that there is a talent behind it and that talent only achieve with the time and experience.

Today I am going to tell you the best way to earn money online without investment and experience.
If you are searching for trick to earn money by “form filling online jobs without investment” or by typing or clicking ads then please forgive me for not including this methods in this article as it doesn’t helps you to gain money for long time.
If you are reading this article than you are really serious about earning some extra money, So without wasting more time here are tips and tricks for no investment online earning.just follow these with all you efforts and success will surely yours.

Earn Money Online without Investment

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Yes, it’s include marketing in its name but it does not mean that you have to be experience in marketing to do that, Well today I am sharing some secret about affiliate to make more money online.

The secret is “don’t follow the other ideas, keep walking on your own one and you will surely succeed”.

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other seller products for each sale, those seller provides you a commission, which can be 5% to 80% depends upon the seller. Question arise from “where you finds seller” or “How to promote product” so that you will earn money online without investment, Well you will find the seller easily, just think of any ..Yes Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc just search for “Amazon Affiliate” or “Flipkart affiliate” in google search and open the website, Register on that , pick the product you like and start promoting. This is the best tip as if you are searching for “how to earn money online in India without investment”.

Comes to second question from where to promote the product, and the answer of this question is Facebook, Yes you have to make Facebook page, which you can easily build in 5 mins without any investment or just promote the products in Blog which we can discuss in separate article. you can easily earn money online without investment by doing this.

2- FreeLancing

Freelancing is kind of mandatory, If we are talking about earning money online without investment. As you already heard a beautiful dialogue of dark knight movie in which “Heath Ledger” who plays the joker role said that “IF YOU ARE GOOD AT SOMETHING NEVER DO IT FOR FREE”, Yes this line is applicable for all of us.

if you really wants to do Free lancing and don’t know from where to starts than just “register in and choose the work in which you are good at. Free lancing is the best option for small businesses as it is the fastest way to earn money online without investment if you have any problem in this point just mail to us at

3- Google Adsense

Google adsense is the heart of online earning money and you can is easily earn money online without investment. Google adsense is the advertisement platform of google, For getting monetized for Google adsense, you just need a platform which you can get without any investment (like: Blogger, Youtube).

Place your ads on that platform and google will pay you money for every click or for every video view. In this you will get paid on every 21st, if you get $100 in you account.

Is It Easy to Earn Money Online

Well, the answer is no. If you looking to earn money online without investment, then at first you have to struggle a little and even if you are lucky, you have to move step by step as for affiliate marketing and adsense, you have to build your audience first because before earning a money online, you have to build your audience online, where as in freelancing you have to promote yourself so that you will get higher bid.

More ways- Earn Money Online without Investment

Yes, there are many more ways to earn money online without investment but if We add more points, you skip the main one and move towards easy as according to the human behavior, if we provides lots of choice than we will always choose the easy one. First go through with that tips and we will discuss more points on earn money online without investment later.

Thanks you for reading an article on “how earn money online without investment”. If you need any help regarding any points then just mail to us at