Dragon Ball Z Super Episode 99 Review


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Dragon Ball Z Super Episode 99 : If you are reading that article than you are also a big fan of “Dragon Ball Z Super” like me and i am also sure you already watch the latest dragon ball z super episode i.e. episode 99 and if you are not than you must watch  So, today i am going to review “Dragon ball z super episode 99”.

This Dragon ball z super episode mainly focus on krillin and his wife android 18. This episode remind us android potential as they have unlimited stamina unlike others who are saving there stamina for the last. As Goku sama said while fighting with universe 9 that “he was saving stamina for the end”. Dragon ball z super episode 99 starts with the seriousness in the face off all the participants, As we have seen in Dragon ball Z super episode 98 that all universe 9 is destroyed by Zen oh sama. This makes our “kaioshin” sweats and worried for universe 7 and the best part is frieza, who barely win against our hero, said for xeno sama that “One day, i promise i shall reign over you” so is this a spoiler for next as “akira toriyama” never do any thing without a reason.

Moving forward in dragon ball super episode 99, Vegeta trying to take out batomo (Universe 6) but direct punch doesn’t effect on botamo so vegeta tied his hand and try to throw him off the tournament ring but Magetta of universe 6 comes at the right time and save botomo, After that botomo untied himself by using his teeth and team up with Megetta to win against vegeta, I know they are weak against our prince vegeta but after their team up overcomes their weaknesses. Now comes on the main focus of Drazon ball z super episode 99 i.e. android 18, she is fighting against universe 4 contestant, she has a upper hand over him and while fighting universe 4 contestant bluff android 18 that he is unconscious, which makes her off guard and he throws energy bomb on android 18, by which she is approx out of the ring but here comes the savior husband krillin.

Krillin save her and teams up with her wife to fight against that guy and end up in winning against that universe 4 guy. This makes another universe 4 contestant to fight against them , he is blind guy so krillin solar Flare doesn’t effect them, he is a kind of guy who uses his nose to sense the opponent. Krillin decided to fight against this guy alone as he is come with strategy so he uses his smelly shoes on his nose and then used “ka me ha me ha” to make him out of the ring. which makes even beerus sama appreciate for him by which he off his guard and celebrate his small win. Frost on the other hand see him off guard and uses his tail to send him out of the ring. so the major part of dragon ball z super episode 99 is krillin is out. We have lost one of our member so as of now we have only 9 members left, so can we win the tournament as according to tournament rules , the universe with maximum member in the ring is the winner ! So how much this effect our universe, answer in the comment box and also what i would add up in the “Dragon ball z super episode 99 review”.

Highlights of Dragon Ball Z Super Episode 99

1- Warriors of all the universe is now more serious after universe 9 destruction.

2- Universe 9 angel said that “as liaison to universe 9 , that means  I’m the first out.Well, I supposed that’s to be expected after universe 9 destruction.

3-  Frieza said for Zen-Oh that”One day, i promise i shall reign over you” so is this a spoiler for next as “akira toriyama” never do any thing without a reason

4- Team Fight of Android 18 and Krillin.

5- Fall of universe 7 fiest warrior , i.e krillin.

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