Different Endoscopic Instruments, their Price and Cost


When a person is suffering from serious problem, and if his problem is not diagnosed by x-rays, then endoscopy is conducted. The doctor can detect the abnormalities within the body. A long tube is inserted in the body through the openings or mouth and a camera is also attached to the tube so that they can capture the images. The tube is directly inserted in the body to observe the internal organ or the tissue within the body. Sometimes, incisions are made into the body and tube is inserted. This procedure is undertaken when a person is conscious.

Procedure of endoscopy

The person undergoing endoscopy usually experiences pain. The endoscopic instruments are used by the doctors for diagnosis. The endoscopy set contains instruments such as biopsy forceps, trocar sleeves, cutlers and tissue scissors. Different instruments are used to perform endoscopy of different parts. Colonoscopies used to perform colonoscopy of the stomach. The ultrasound endoscope is used to perform endoscopic ultrasound.  The rigid sigmoid scope is used to perform rigid sigmoidoscopy. Endoscopy is used to treat and tract different types of problems. Diseases can be detected at the early stage and some diseases such as colon cancer can be prevented also.

Parts of the endoscope

The endoscope instrument is attached with many objects and devices such as vessel sealer, display system, endoscopy camera, and camera system. The vessel sealer is an electrode and a sealing device. It is used for controlling the blood vessels or the blood flowing from the blood vessels. The display system is attached to the tube to display the condition of the patient.  The camera is just attached to the tube to the other side of the needle. They are able to capture images of the condition of the internal organ.

If the whole kit is purchased, then the endoscopy equipment price is higher. If only one instrument is to be purchased, then the price is relatively lower. The price also differs from nation to nation. The endoscopy kit contains instruments such as camera, display system, scissors, and some of the accessories that are attached to the instrument. The cost of colonoscopy instruments is higher than most of the instruments. The cost of flexible sigmoidoscope is relatively lesser. The gastroscope instruments are relatively is reasonable, while the cost of diagnostic tools is lesser. The cost of therapeutic duodenoscope is relatively higher.

Different objects of endoscope

The different instruments that are available with the endoscope are endoscopy tower, cameras,  video processors, light sources, electrosurgical lights, medical scopes, colonoscopies etc. the endoscopy tower is used to place different things that are required during endoscopy. The cameras that are attached to the tube are required to capture the images of the internal organ. The endoscopy light sources are attached to the cameras so that the light penetrates the internal organs and they are able to detect the abnormality.

The video processors are used for processing the visual information or the images that are captured within the body. The endoscopy equipment cost depends upon the instruments and accessories present in the kit. They contain different parts such as pigtail, video system center, cables, etc. The insufflators are refurbished and are used for monitoring the condition of the patient.