Best PUBG Guns


Which are the best PUBG guns most of us always wondered, If you are playing PUBG on a daily basis than most of you are already experienced to answer that question and have your own favorite gun but that doesn’t mean that gun you have is the best one to win chicken dinner in PUBG.

Here are the list of best Pubg guns on the basis of guns overall stats-:

PUBG Best Guns Combo

AWM (Snipper) – AWM is Obtainable only through supply drops and is enough Strong to damage Level 3 helmet!. It is most powerful sniper gun.

GROZA (Assault Riifle)- Groza is Best Assault Rifle, which is found only in supply.

If you have combo of these 2 guns in PUBG than you can even against pro’s in PUBG.

Best Pubg Guns
  1. Best PUBG Long range Guns: If you are going for long range weapons in PUBG , then as already mentioned AWM is the best gun. That is the most powerful gun and can 1 shot people with ease but this gun only found in supply. other than AWM, Kar98 is also the best snipping gun which found in ground. Also, M24 is good for snipping, which is also known as powerful version of Kar98K.
  2. Best PUBG Mid range Guns: Well, For the mid-range guns less recoil guns is consider as best. The gun should also be able to take down targets at long as well as short ranges in PUBG.
  3. Best PUBG Short range Guns: The 9mm gun, UMP9 is best close range gun in my opinion. This gun is easy to find and available easily at every PUBG location. If you are thinking of shotgun to be best short range guns than according to me its highly unreliable and as it very difficult to aim with thats the reason most Pro PUBG player avoid shotguns. The UMP9 has a good rate of fire and can even fit scopes upto 6X which helps in aiming.