7 Secrets That Will Make Your T-Shirt Design Look Amazing


T-Shirts have always been a classic. It is a blank canvas on which artists and entrepreneurs alike can display their creativity. It feels absolutely amazing to wear a t-shirt of your own brand. Today, everyone is trying their hands on designing t-shirts, whether or not they have any knowledge about it. Besides, as a brand, having your own range of t-shirts can set you apart from the rest. Creating your own customized t-shirts are a brilliant way of promoting your products and services. It also makes for a great conversation starter. Talk about networking!

You want to design a t-shirt for your brand, or simply explore the artist inside you. Either way, there are certain things which you should keep in mind before you design your t-shirt. Also use amazon coupon for fashion to for for get online shopping products and services in discounted rates.

Here are seven secrets that will make sure you do not end up spoiling that sweet canvas:

Be Original

The best part of designing a t-shirt is that it is really easy to do it. Surprisingly, that is also its disadvantage. Why? you ask, well something that is easy to create is also easy to duplicate. As a brand, you have to make sure that you are unique which is how you will catch eyeballs. But once you have the attention, it is also important that you retain it. Otherwise, it does not make sense if you are flaking off people.

One easy way to do so is to really brainstorm your design. If you want to be unique, you have to give it some time thinking. This is not a waste but an investment. Once you make the design, it will remain forever, or at least until you decide to get a new one. For now, focus on creating a unique design which speaks about your brand, or yourself. Inspiration can come from anywhere. You only need to learn how to set yourself apart.

Fit Your Font

Now that you have your design in mind, you want to include some text in your t-shirt. Regardless of what the text says, it is important that you choose a font that suits your design. Meaning, if you want to give a professional look, go for a text which speaks professionalism. Set the font on your graphics or on the blank t-shirt. And ask yourself if this is in sync with your brand. Sometimes it is a gut-feeling, sometimes you need your friend’s opinion. But the right font will come to you eventually.

You can also use a photo editing tool to really picture your t-shirt with the font of your choice. You must have seen some clothing brands with simply one word but still seem to stand apart. That is the standard you should set when you are looking for fonts. However, this does not mean that you will now try to look for fonts which are too twisted and hard-to-read. A simple yet purposeful one would do the job.

Choose the Right Color

Another important part of designing your t-shirt is the colors you choose. You can use a combination of bright colors for attracting them eyeballs. But you have to make sure that you are not going overboard with it. Also, combining colors takes some time and brainstorming. You wouldn’t want to be combining blue with turquoise. It makes no sense.

Besides, the right use of color will incite the right emotions on the people. You must have heard about color psychology. That plays a significant role in your brand. It decides whether people will choose you or not. And also the kind of emotions and impression they form when they see your brand design. So be careful when you are handling colors. It can be a make or break situation for your brand.

Balance Between Detailing and Simplicity

Although it might seem really tempting to bring a lot of detailing on your t-shirt, do not overdo it. You want to make sure that people want to remember your brand. And while going unique is the key but keep your detailing modest. It’s hard for people to remember complex things. As a brand, you want to catch the attention and remain in people’s minds.

Simplicity wins when it comes to branding. You can do a bit of detailing, but just be on the safe side. Strike a balance between detail and simplicity.

Target Your Market

As a smart marketer, you should design your t-shirt according to the type of people you would want them to wear. It is not only about making the unique design anymore. Although it is important, what is also important is that your t-shirts are wearable. So try to picture your target audience and get some honest feedback on your t-shirts. Would they wear them?

How you market your brand can make a large impact. Give yourself some time to gauge what kind of design your target audience would want to wear. And then create your design accordingly. You would not want to risk making any wrong choices. Even custom gym outfits are a good idea to start with.

Prepare a Preprint

It is substantial that you make a preprint of your design. This ensures that every time you want to print a t-shirt, you have the print ready. Also, making an outline of the print is necessary. This makes sure that the details do not get spoiled no matter on what size of t-shirt you are printing. So when you are converting the text into print, make sure that it has been outlined. This allows you to open the file on your computer as a vector and let you do whatever you want to do with it.

Having your text “print-ready” cuts you a lot of slack. Besides, it gives an outline which makes sure that it sits perfectly on t-shirts of any size.

Calculate Your Costs

Before starting any business, it is important you have an idea about the expenses concerned. You cannot afford to be careless with the costs. Since you have only just started, make a list of the costs of every step of the process. Make sure you have compared the prices from several screen printers and get yourself the best possible deal. While doing so, do not sacrifice the quality of the product. It is really important that you balance the quality and still have the best possible deal available to you.

Now that you have the best secrets to make amazing t-shirt designs, you can safely get yourself started. Moreover, why limit yourself to t-shirt printing only? An original design can work wonders on casual black dresses or sleep wears as well. Just follow these steps and you will come up with some amazing designs for your brand. Who knows? Your t-shirts might just be the next big thing in your local market.