5 Unique places to eat and drink in the world


Food has always been the essence of any vacation. Wherever you go, you search on the internet the famous eateries there, their staple foods, and fascinating dining experiences. And well, we all need some pretty pictures and silly boomerangs to show-off on social media, right?

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Here are some beautiful and out of the box places to eat and drink in the world that will blow your minds:

  1. 58 Tour Eiffel, Paris: Cold breeze blowing your hair, a glass of Eagle Rare in your hand, and an exceptional view of Paris to drool upon, sounds like a dream, right?

           This is exactly what this restaurant located on the mighty Eiffel Tower offers. Created by Chef Thierry Marx, its menu consists of the delicate French cuisine with an original take on the dishes.

           The restaurant offers a soothing family atmosphere during the lunchtime and transforms into a posh brewery in the evening. Online reservation is available, however, you can visit without a reservation as well, subject to availability of seats. But you can book the lift ticket online only. If you make a reservation, they include the lift ticket charges as well! Since the restaurant is expensive, we advise you to save this one for a special occasion!

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2 The Grotto- Rayavadee, Thailand: Being a part of the lavish Rayavadee resort, it offers a primitive dining experience. Its location is in a limestone cave.

Open to everyone, it offers a romantic ambiance within the cave. The restaurant’s area of expertise is seafood barbeque which is only available on some specific days in a week.

The place serves delicious light snacks and desserts for you to ponder upon. The air is fresh and the environment is very refreshing. With layers of soft sand under your toes, it offers a picturesque view of the sea.

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3 The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant,Philippines:

Located in the Villa Escudero resort, it offers a natural experience untouched by humans. With the closest view of the waterfalls, they serve the food on precious bamboo tables while you immerse your feet in water.

This refreshing experience is often enhanced with traditional music and dance shows. There are also adventurous activities available like trekking and bird watching.

Waterfalls are the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of the bounties of nature. And being able to enjoy an entirely delicious meal in their proximity is a dream come true. What’s more? They serve their authentic local cuisines for you to taste and explore to complete your unique dining experience.

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4 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives: Built 5 metres below sea level, this underwater restaurant is a must-visit place. ‘Ithaa’ actually means ‘mother of pearl’ in Dhivehi. Mirroring its name, it is a part of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort. It offers alluring views of aquatic life. You can observe different fish species and coral reefs closely.
You have to travel through a spiral staircase to reach underwater. This all-glass restaurant offers contemporary Asian and European cuisines with a breathtaking sight that you cannot experience normally without a swimsuit. There are six-course and four-course previously set meals available for your comfort.

This 14-seater restaurant will take you far away from reality in a world of magic. Though it is expensive, it is a must to visit it once in your lifetime.

  1. Central Perk: A replica to the café ‘Central Perk’ in the evergreen American TV series ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ is more real than possible. A die-hard fan of the series in Beijing, Du Xin, who considers it his religion, built this impeccable replica.

All the food and drink items mentioned on the show are available on the menu with their episodes mentioned as well. There is a TV that shows reruns of its episodes with Chinese Subtitles. It has the famous orange couch, those red bricks, the Central Perk logo, and other details that will make you feel that you’re standing in one of the episodes.

And is all this isn’t enough, Xin has created another on-point replica of a famous character Joey’s apartment next door! Well, this close to reel-life café is bound to overwhelm you with its precise presentations.

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In this era of continuous performance and hustle, we often fall back tired. We need a vacation to recharge ourselves. And in this world of increasing connectivity, we have access to almost every part of the world. Travelling and exploration are the new hobbies. The above mentioned are 5 unique places to eat and drink in the world which can give you goosebumps with their innovative concepts.

However, our suggestion is to check them online before visiting them for timings, reservation compulsions, prices, payment options, health requirements, and other details. You would not like to end up at the door without being able to sit and eat. So, pack your bags and get ready for the most distinctive dining experiences in the world!