5 Tips to Save Money while Traveling to Dubai


Dubai is one of the greatest tourist destinations around the world. This city is unquestionably not modest and probably is the most expensive one. Tourist traveling to Dubai must be willing to put in some genuine money when visiting the city.

Be that as it may, there are a couple of tips and tricks such as online grocery that can help you save some extra cash when visiting Dubai.

Following are some of the tips that are going to save you money when traveling to Dubai.

  1. Traveling via Metro

In Dubai, finding a decent mode of transportation according to your spending limit is critical. In Dubai taxi is 10x more expensive than the metro.

In spite of the fact that cabs and Ubers may offer more solace and are easily accessible, the Dubai Metro is an extraordinary method for getting around while spending negligible cash. Utilizing the Metro can be exceptionally beneficial in Dubai for those on a tight spending plan.

If you really need to travel on uber you can always look for free rides, discounts or promos to stay on budget.

2. Avoiding luxurious & expensive hotels

Dubai is known for its luxurious & expensive hotels. Nonetheless, there are extraordinary hotels for individuals on a budget.

If we put a little bit more effort in finding a hotel we can notice the stunning difference in prices. For example, just around 15-20 minutes drive from hotels at Downtown Dubai or Dubai Marina we can find extremely inexpensive hotels at Al Barsha, that are way more on budget.

3. Avoiding expensive eateries

Truly, Dubai is notable for its top-notch food, with absolutely best restaurants on the planet being situated here.

Eating expensive can burn through your cash pretty fast, but Dubai also offers a dining experience for the visitors on a budget in restaurants such as Aappa Kadai, Al Mallah, Ayubowan, Bu Qatar and many others.

You can also try fast food from the famous chain of eateries or prepare your food by yourself just by ordering groceries from an online grocery store such as yeebly.

4. Avoid unnecessary Shopping

Dubai is unquestionably one of the best cities for shopping with its 1200+ outlets and the largest shopping mall in the world. Restraining yourself from shopping is not easy while lurking through the attractive malls of Dubai, but you gotta restrain yourself to stay on budget.

By not shopping for the unnecessary item we can save a ton of cash that can later be used for hitting up cities main attraction. If you really want to shop then you could shop from the local market instead of an expensive shopping mall.

5. Search for spots with free entry

A known fact about Dubai is that a lot of spots around the local area offers free passage. If searched for you will find many spots and things that will save you loads of cash and even offer you free entry.

           Here are some of the things you can do for free in Dubai  

  • See the Ras Al Khor flamingos
  • Visit Aquaveture Waterpark for free on your birthday
  • Hit the beach
  • Visit coffee museum Dubai
  • Go camping
  • Ride an abra
  • Explore Al Seef
  • Visit Al Marmoom Racetrack

The Conclusion

When traveling, the thought of things getting out of the budget is everybody’s fear, but if we let the fear conquer us we may never be able to travel.

A little bit of planning can overcome this fear, save us a lot of cash and makes things easier for us even if we are talking about traveling to cities suchlike Dubai.