3 Business Models for Online Language Learning Course Creators


A few years back, Language learning was considered nothing more than a mere hobby. But, with the world growing rapidly, as people are becoming increasingly connected, learning a new language is emerging out as a trend. The best thing about knowing languages is that they aren’t just a form of communication. They give us an opportunity to relate to others on a cultural level. 

Hence, if you are someone who wants to create Online Language Learning Courses, here are 3 best ways to go about it & make the most of this opportunity.

Business Model #1 – The Niche Language Learning MOOC

MOOC or the Massive Open Online Course are those online courses that aimed at unlimited participation. Hence, these courses have open access via the internet. These are general in nature which has a broad target audience.

On the other hand, a niche MOOC is where you create courses for a unique set of audience who are very tightly focused. Hence, it is created on a learning platform and is not general in nature. 

Traditional language teaching institutes cannot focus on these types of courses due to the lack of demand. But, when it comes to teaching Online, the whole world becomes a pool of possible prospective students. You just need to find approximately 100 or more people with a common interest to get started with a viable niche online teaching lessons. 

Business Model #2 – Blended Language Learning

Not all your language tutorings need to happen face to face. Rather than repeating the same teaching curriculum exclusively over and over again, package them into an online video lectures and use them alongside regular classroom coachings. 

This way, you will be able to grow your potential number of students as well as reduce your direct time spent in teaching separately. 

Business Model #3 – Flipped Classroom Learning

Flipped Classroom is a blended learning approach where students are given access to online content. Here, the face-to-face interaction is accompanied by learners studying independently at their home through Online Programs. The concept of this method is to let the students take a lead in their education process. Hence, the teacher acts more like a support role or facilitator.

In language courses, you can create a flipped classroom by launching an online course with huge learning content. As a result, students can learn online and approach teachers personally or online only when they are stuck. 

Steps to follow after Language Learning Business Model selection…

Once you have finalized on a teaching model, roll up your sleeves and get onto developing a platform where you will launch your Online Course. However, we recommend Spayee (Create and sell online courses Launch your own Teaching Website), if you want a fuss-free, easy to use & professional put together course platform. Once you go ahead with Spayee, you don’t need to think about the technical aspects, it’s all built-in. Just upload your Online Content & you are ready to roll.