How To Use VLOOKUP Function

How To Use VLOOKUP Function In Excel

VLOOKUP  also known as vertical lookup (“V” stands for vertical) is very useful function in Microsoft excel, before telling about how to use vlookup function, Let’s first discuss where to use Vlookup function. Well, most of the people are still confuse, where to use this function. Vlookup are mainly use, when you are looking for some data from large table. Let’s take an example of school, suppose a school has 5000 students, all the students details are regularly maintained in the excel sheets. Now, out of 5000 students principal wants to check the data of few hundred students, if he do it manually than this process will takes to much time so to save the time, he can use the vlookup function. In which he will get all information of few hundreds students in a few seconds.

How To Use VLOOKUP Function

Syntax of Vlookup function: Vlookup formula includes four syntax ((lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup]))

How To Use VLOOKUP Function

  1. lookup_value: The value which you want to search or look up in the first column of a table or range.

  2. table_array: Table array is the range of cells, where you want to look up the comparison data.

  3.  col_index_num: Third one is column index, it is number of the column in the table_array from which the matching value must be returned.

  4.  range_lookup: Last syntax is range lookup, in this we specify for approximate match or exact match. TRUE or 1 is use for an approximate match and FALSE or 1 be used in exact match.

VLOOKUP Syntax : =VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup)

VLOOKUP Work Example:

Let’s explore, how to use VLOOKUP function in Excel.

vlookup-example _1_How to use vlookup


Now, let’s look at the example =VLOOKUP(A11, A1:C6, 2, 0) that returns the value of  product ID 2345 i.e “500“.

Lets take the first parameter i.e lookup_value, we have to lookup the adjacent cell value of cell A11. This is the lookup value that the VLOOKUP will search for in the first column of the table of data.

Second parameter is table_array, vlookup basically performs a vertical lookup so table_array is the source of data where the vertical lookup should be performed.

In example, table_array is A1:C6

Third parameter is col_index_num, to understand it better, let’s take below screen shot.

vlookup-example _2_How to use vlookup

As seen in the above screenshots if  col_index_num=2, then vlookup functions return value of the second cell i.e 500 and when we changed the value as per the above screen shot  (col_index_num=3) than it shows value of third column i.e 15

Fourth and last parameter is range_lookup,This parameter determines whether we are looking for an exact match or approximate match. So, we can also use TRUE or 1 for an approximate match and FALSE or 1 for exact match.

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